Facilities at Casimir Catholic College allow students to learn and grow in an encouraging, modern environment.

Casimir Catholic College Marrickville Library

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is a modern and fresh space for students to learn, study, collaborate, research and relax. Students can access extensive databases, collections of fiction and non-fiction books, eBooks and audio resources. 

Casimir Catholic College Marrickville Playground

Active Outdoor Areas

Our active outdoor areas are vibrant, welcoming and engaging. They are colourful and the students have a variety of spaces available to them.

Casimir Catholic College Marrickville Technology

Digital Classrooms

We prepare our students  for the real world by providing  them with a technology-based education. Our students are part of a new generation,  that is constantly connected and supports contemporary learning.

Casimir Catholic College Marrickville Hall

Passionaist Hall

Our Passionaist Hall is a key feature of the college. The hall has multiple uses including sporting activities, assemblies, productions  and community celebrations

Casimir Catholic College Marrickville Woodworking facilities

Industrial Technology

Learning by doing is a key feature of the Technology and Applied studies courses. Our classrooms in this area are state of the art and students are offered wonderful opportunities and choice.

Casimir Catholic College Marrickville Kitchens

Hospitality/Food Technology

Both the commercial and school kitchens are eye catching and inspirational. Students can create and learn in an collaborative environment.

Casimir Catholic College Marrickville Art

Creative Arts

The art rooms are innovative spaces for the best learning experiences for our students. The arts and media is a rich and diverse program which encourages students to make exciting links across all disciplines.

Casimir Catholic College Marrickville Music Rooms

Performing Arts

The music and drama learning spaces offer customised platforms for orchestra, choir and performance rehearsals. Students have the opportunity of learning a variety of instruments with specialist tutors and take part in whole school performances

Casimir Catholic College Marrickville Canteen


Our canteen menu provides a huge variety of fresh, healthy foods for our students.

Casimir College Marrickville School Bus


Our college bus is used to transport students to many co-curricular activities and events. The college is situated close to Marrickville train station and students have access to numerous bus lines.

Casimir Catholic College Marrickville Gym

College Gymnasium

Healthy bodies equals healthy minds. Students have the opportunity to use the well equipped gym to assist them with their personal fitness and technique in using the professional equipment.