We value positive relationships with parents and carers to help develop better social and emotional skills in children. We know that when children are engaged with their learning, they attend school more regularly, leading to better long term outcomes.

For parenting and counselling services, visit the Family Support page, and for direction and clarity on regulations, processes and procedures at our school, read the Sydney Catholic School policies.

The college newsletter, The Casimirpolitan, is published each fortnight with the first edition distributed at the end of week 2 each term. As the newsletter is an important means of communication between school and home, parents are encouraged to ensure that they read each publication.

Parent Consultative Committee

Gary Harkins
Roberto Marin
Donna Taylor
Glenda Allan
John Venestsanos
Bernadetta Sara
Coral Lever
Ligita Ximenes
Merrin Thompson
Litsa Terizis
Angela Iskandar
Michelle Gama
Rochelle Haswell-Miller
Christina Giakoumis
Steve Melissourgos

Staff resume 27th January 2021
Year 7 return 28th January 2021
Years 7 – 12 return  29th January 2021
Term 1 finishes 1st April 2021
Term 2 begins 19th  April 2021
Term 2 finishes 25th June 2021
Term 3 begins 13th  July 2021
Term 3 finishes 17th September 2021
Term 4 begins 6th October 2021
Term 4 finishes -students 10th December 2021
Term 4 finishes – staff 17th December 2021
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