Our school provides opportunities for students, staff and parents to know and celebrate their Catholic faith. This is done through the religious life of our school. Members of our community experience a rich liturgical and prayer life, celebration of the Sacraments, faith formation, social outreach activities, and opportunities to share faith with each other and with youth from other schools in the Archdiocese.

Students are challenged each day to live out their home and gospel values. We encourage students to be caring, courteous, cooperative, and compassionate in their relationships with each other. In addition to their formal studies, students have the opportunity to pray together each day in class and at regular school assemblies. Frequent participation in the Eucharist is encouraged and opportunities to be present at Mass are regularly provided, both in small group settings as well as whole school celebrations on special occasions.

The college places great importance on providing the opportunity for students to take time to develop a closer relationship with God. Each of the year groups participate in a retreat or reflection day that focus on a relevant topic.